Flusher 2 is a unique cost saving, environmentally positive product for the continuous cleaning of drains and sewers - evidenced to remove and prevent FOGs issues


Introducing Flusher 2

The simple genius of Flusher 2. By storing and releasing the natural flow present in drains and sewers Flusher 2 generates enhanced hydraulic flush cleaning energy. This energised flush action keeps simply repeating for permanently clean pipework – no power requirement, eliminates jetting cost and environmental impacts, no carbon footprint!

Simple and Safe

  • Flusher 2 is a user-friendly push fit installation and suitable as a permanent and/or temporary installation

  • Easy install allows flexible and easy configuration changes. This is perfect for cleaning an entire catchment area

  • Flusher 2 is designed to enable maximum effect and return on each investment


Primary Benefits of Flusher 2

1. Improving hydraulic performance
2. Maintenance free - Continuously clean drains and sewers
3. Blockage prevention including FOG
4. Flood prevention - retrofit Catchment Attenuation
5. Reduced CSO discharges resulting in cleaner Rivers and Watercoureses
6. Reduced OPEX and CAPEX costs
7. Environmental enhancements above and below ground
8. Extending the operational life of sewer assets
9. Carbon neutral technologies delivering significant operational reduction
10. "Dry Pipe Technology" allowing CCTV and remedial works to be performed safely and effectively
11. Enhanced operational uses such as safe Over-pumping and Rodent Control
12. Enhanced dosing effect for FOG and H2S etc
Cost saving

Cost saving

Green planet friendly

Green Planet Friendly – Zero energy and zero carbon operation

Prevents and removes FOGs

Prevents and removes FOG's

Removes sediment and deposits

Removes sediment and deposits

Prevents repeat blockages

Prevents repeat blockages

Preventing unnecessary flooding

Maintains design capacity preventing unnecessary flooding

Improves dosing efficiency

Daily Flush Frequency

Dry Pipe Technology

"Dry Pipe Technology" enhanced CCTV and remedial works

Protects pipework

Low impact cleaning extends operational life – protects pipework

Prevents rodents

Prevents and removes rodent habitat

Kinder to the Environment

  • Planet Friendly and fully sustainable

  • Eliminates the need for repeated water jetting

  • Eliminates the carbon footprint, noise and road wear generated from HGV's

  • Preserves precious drinking water and stops sewer blockages and resulting damage to the environment


"Every Flusher 2 purchased will give back to the health of our planet and will plant one tree through www.justonetree.life"

Just One Tree

Speedy Installation
Environmentally Friendly
Hydraulically Efficient